Audio Tape/Vinyl Conversion

Copying of your existing audiotapes or vinyl into mp3 or wma formats. Up to 740 mb (about 10 hours) on 1 CD. DVD archiving available for larger projects.

Sound Effect Work

Multi-tracked CDs of sound effects created to your specifications and length for any performance or event.

VHS/MiniDV Conversion

Copying of your tapes into digital format for archiving or editing onto a DVD of up to 4 hours (including Menus and Chapters).

Professional Style Effects

We can create specialized videos that include cutting edge techniques such as: Green Screen imaging and newscast-like picture in picture. We can add effects to most existing footage to give it that one of a kind look for your presentation or event.

Cover Creation and Laser Etched Labels

Add a special touch to your new CD or DVD with a customed designed cover for the case or a label burned directly onto the face of the disc. No stickers to worry about!

We also offer...

old photo archival, poster/flyer design, slideshows, secondary camera work, audio/video technical support for performances and more....